Rivercove EC Hoi Hup Realty

A host of amenities can be found at Rivercove Residences EC as can be seen in the site plan below. At the same time, There are a number of facilities such as an indoor gym, a swimming pool, children playground, a barbecue area and a tennis court that are available for you. There is a truly luxurious resort lifestyle for every family member at the Sengkang Area. These facilities are appropriate for all members of the family of all ages. Children will have their time at the playground as adults enjoy swimming or opt to play tennis at the court. The indoor gym is also available for interested visitors who would like to keep fit.

Rivercove Residences

From the site plan for Rivercove Residences, there is an ideal location of the development as the units increasingly continue to get an excellent view of the Sungei Punggol and the Sengkang Riverside Park. Each individual stack is strategically located to show that the units have an exclusive water unblock or frontage view, thus making it to be one of the most unique ECs that are located in Fernvale and Anchorvale. The location is in such a way that visitors can enjoy a clearer view of the Sungei Punggol and the SengKang Riverside Park. A number of these units face away from the LRT Station in order to have a reduction in noise exposure.

Rivercove Residences EC

Some of the units face the Sengkang Floating Wetland that links the SengKang Riverside Part to the Recreation Center and the Sengkang Sports. In these areas, there are a variety of indoor sports and plenty of eateries that residents of Sengkang can enjoy. Whether you need some form of physical exercise or enjoy your favourite meals, the units will have you covered. The entire family will be served with a variety of foods prepared in the eateries and enjoy all sorts of indoor games at the Recreation Center and the Sengkang Sports.

Rivercove Hoi Hup

This development is designed to overlook the luxurious area of Sengkang Riverside as can be seen from the view of the location. At the Rivercove Residences EC, a serene and exclusive environment is awaiting for you. The tranquillity of the area will ensure that you have the best experience when visiting Rivercove Residences EC. For further information, please see the project details and floor plans for Rivercove Residences.