Commercial and Residential Developments by Allgreen Properties

Allgreen Properties is part of The Kuok Group. They are what represent this real estate company In Singapore. The company was founded In 1986. In 2011, it was bought by Brookvale Investments Pte Ltd which In turn became part of The Kuok group later. The latest development will be Pasir Ris MRT Station Condo by Allgreen Properties

The real estate division In Singapore doesn’t just specialize In one type of property. They own homes, commercial buildings, stores, condos, and hotels. The Allgreen group is a vast enterprise that doesn’t just encompass on a corporation. Instead, there are 13 companies and 35 subsidiaries of The Allgreen Group.

Allgreen Properties Real Estate Developer

Kuok Limited has an even more extensive history than Allgreen. Its inception dates back to the early ’80s. In terms of the condos and townhouses that Allgreen Properties holds, they have a 99-year lease. They purchase their properties from both private entities as well as the government.

This company also holds joint ventures across many parts of the People’s Republic of China, including Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu, Qinhuangdao, Shenyang, and Tangshan. They also have several condo sites planned for development In Vietnam. All of These properties make Allgreen Properties one of the biggest real estate corporations overall In Singapore.

Allgreen Properties Commercial and Residential Development

Allgreen relies on Leo Property Management Pte Ltd to help carry out the construction and daily management services to its various property groups. The company manages both the commercial and residential sides of Allgreen’s portfolio.

Some of the more well-known properties that Allgreen owns are Great World City, Tanglin Mall, and Tanglin Place. Great World City is one of the largest properties In all of Singapore coming In at around 1.06 million square feet. The buildings inside the property are mainly up for leasing. Great World City is two 18 story towers, a three-story mall, and apartments.

Malls by Allgreen Properties

Tanglin Mall and Tanglin Place are both owned In conjunction with Cuscaden Properties Pte Ltd. Allgreen owns a 55.4% stake in These properties, making them majority shareholders. Both malls are large and profitable and have proved to be a good investment for Allgreen.

The company has more plans for additional projects however These overseas projects are confined to China and Vietnam. Beautiful complexes are being worked on currently. Fourth Avenue Residences, Juniper Hill, and Royal Green are all part of the collection of current projects. Past projects include many listings that can be viewed at The site has over 46 listings.